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What is Jediism

Jediism is not fiction. Our ways are based on ancient wisdom as well as modern philosophies. Our ways are modern adaptations of Taoism and Buddhism. We encourage activities that cultivate physical and mental health, such as martial arts and meditation. "Jediism" is a term inspired by films created by Mr. George Lucas.

Philosophy, order or religion

Jediism is a philosophy above all. Then, we use the Order to get together, to stay in touch, to share our united view of life and the Force. It is not required to be a warrior to be a member of the Order of the Jedi, nor to be religiously implicated.

We are non-exclusive. This means that you may keep participating in the religion of your choice, and study the principles of the Force, with no obligations. Our members are free thinkers, with free minds.

By joining the Order of the Jedi, you remain free to declare Jediism as your official religion, or not. We will provide access to a Force training program, the religion of Jediism, and other Jediism ressources, that you can use at your convenience, in complete freedom.

Latest news

March 19, 2012:The Order of the Jedi has been officially recognized as a nonprofit religious organization within the United States. Thus, allowing all members in the United States to use the terms "Jedi" or "Jediism" as one's relgious affiliation, and allowing all ordained members of the OOTJ in the United States to apply for ministerial rights within their states of residence.

January 25, 2012:The OOTJ High Council has finished developing the OOTJ ordination training. The first class has been confirmed and the students will be named upon ordination.

Become a member

Members are only required to do their best in living by the keys of our code found in the Liturgy section, with a free mind and a will of their own.

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We are serious in our faith in the Force, and in all our undertakings. While some believe Jediism to be a role-playing attempt to simulate a religious fantasy with no other aims than entertainment, the Chruch of Jediism is real, and not based on science-fiction, nor gaming.


The Order of the Jedi, while seated in Canada, is a worldwide Order. It is meant to consolidate the communications between all other organizations promoting Jediism. We put efforts in making resources available to all who take Jediism as their faith, regardless of their denomination, geographical location, or organization. We make available our Force training program to all members of all Jediism organizations deemed serious and respectful.


A serious order offers free services to its members, and counts on voluntary donations to operate. The more its members are serious, the better are the offered services. We do not believe in charging a fixed price to become a member of our group. While most events will be free, we will ask for a participation fee only when absolutely required to cover the event expenses.


Various terms throughout our website and documentation have been borrowed from different philosophies, some as old as 3000 years - others quite recent. Some of these terms were used in the movie series Star Wars. We wish to respect the legal rights of its owners, and we will be sober in the use of terms used in these movies.

We encourage our members to purchase Star Wars products to inspire themselves in their own inner quest. Watch it, play it, own it. Yet, our order is down-to-earth, realist, and our philosophy is inspired by ancient philosophies that have passed the tests of time, such as Daoism, Buddhism, Hinduist, Christianity, Kabbalah, and others.

Jediism is a philosophy and religion based on the personal cultivation of our relationship with The Force. The term “Force” was used up to 3000 years ago by the Daoist immortals, and was made first popular in a Chinese text written in the 6th century BC. The text is entitled “Tao te King”, and can be translated in various manners, such as “The way of the Force”.

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